Yosemite Valley

I made a last minute decision drive to Yosemite. This is the first time I'd been back since I lived in Oakhurst for 8 months in 1982, a lifetime ago. I had forgotten how completely jaw-droppingly spectacular the whole experience is, wherever you look.
They're a combination of single-image panoramas and HDR shots, all shot with my D7000.
I didn't log all of the shots, and so some of the names may be off.

Tunnel Panorama - Exiting the south tunnel entrace, you're met with this. This shot is cloudy, but that only made things more amazing!
Horsetail Falls
Mystery Fall - I need to comb through photos to name this
Mystery Rock - I need to comb through photos to name this. It may be El Capitan.
Sentinel Rock
Upper Yosemite Falls
Valley Floor Panorama - From the valley floor. The clouds have let up since the tunnel entrance.
El Capitan - If I read correctly, the vertical drop is almost 4000 feet!