Chuck Bueche
3053 Fillmore St. #154, San Francisco, CA 94123


Senior interactive software architect, developer, and entrepreneur with extensive systems design and analysis experience. Excellent project skills and inter-disciplinary understanding and communication abilities.



Software Architect and Developer
Summer 2015

Developed cross-platform VR software on the Unity platform. Ported existing ActionScript 3 gaming framework to C#, running in Unity. Set up and managed GitHub source code repository. C#, Action Script 3, JSON, Unity3D, HLSL Vertex & Pixel shaders.

Software Developer
Craniac Entertainment
Spring 2015-Summer 2015

Ported graphics libraries for existing interactive application platform from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11. C/C++, Windows 7, 3D graphics, DirectX 11, DirectX 9, HLSL Vertex and Pixel shaders.

Software Developer
Winter 2015

Developed software for the Beaglebone Black computer for real-time motor control. Linux, C/C++, Assembly Language, Real-time Code, HTML, Web Sockets.

Technical Producer
The Hettema Group
Fall 2014-Winter 2015

Provided technical oversight of two vendors developing interactive attractions for the observation decks (floors 100-102) of One World Trade Center in New York. Panoramic Image Stitching, Gesture User Interfaces, 7th Sense Media Server.

Web Application Developer
Fall 2012-Summer 2014

Lead developer and system administrator for Data Connections, a web-based application suite used by school districts to evaluate and track student readiness for standardized testing. Duties included advising on product design, architecture, and implementation strategy, adding new functionality, and managing the Linux servers that host the application.

Game Designer and Developer
Walt Disney Imagineering
Fall 2006-Fall 2012

Worked with Walt Disney Imagineers to design, develop, and install four attractions at Disney Epcot Center: Chevy Test Track's "Photo Finish", Innovention's "The Great Piggy Bank Adventure", Spaceship Earth's "Power City", and Spaceship Earth's "Body Builder". In addition, co-designed, developed, and installed the centerpiece interactive attraction, "The Magic Play Floor", for the Kid's Spaces on the two newest Disney Cruise Line ships, the Dream and Fantasy.

Design Consultant
CM Labs, Inc.
Winter 2005

Designed and prototyped training simulators for mobile construction crane operators. Developed complete mechanical design and constructed prototype for a virtual crane, including head tracking, multi-screen graphics, and multi-computer architecture. Developed bill of materials, identified suppliers, analyzed manufacturability, and constructed production units at a fraction of the budgeted cost. Integrated instrumentation hardware and physics simulation software.

Controls Engineer
Universal Studios Theme Park
Summer 2000

During the installation of Terminator 2:3D at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, supervised integration of special effects with the computer control system. Reviewed technical specs, recommended on-site modifications as appropriate. Supervised test and adjust of the effects as they were installed.

Software Technologist
Dell Computer
Fall 1998 - Spring 2000

Content expert regarding factory-installed third-party software for Dell's multi-billion-dollar Dimension line of consumer desktop computers. Approved or disapproved their adoption, depending on their impact on system performance and reliability. Worked with third-party vendors to bring their applications into compliance with Dell's requirements.

Origin Systems
Spring 1983-Summer 1988

Co-founded leading game publishing company Origin Systems. Also designed, developed and ported over a dozen games for the Apple II, Atari 800, and Commodore 64 home computers.


B. S. Electrical Engineering specializing in Computer Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1990.