Embedded and Controls Projects



Control Systems Engineering - Winter 2018-Fall 2018
Controls Manager for Universal Studios Japan. Supervised design, approval, manufacture and installation of the control system for Sing, Live, a song and dance show with special effects. Coordinated with vendors across multiple disciplines to make sure equipment and effect designs were compliant with company specifications. Coordinated schedules. Lived in Osaka for six weeks.

Embedded Motor Control Software - Winter 2015
Developed software for the Beaglebone Black computer for real-time motor control. Multiple processors are available on the Beagleone, including two real-time processors programmed in assembly language.

Heavy Construction Equipment Control - GR Engineering, Summer 2007-Fall 2007
Developed Ladder Logic and C code to enable communication between various protocols involved in the control of a new piece of heavy construction machinery. Allen-Bradley PLC's, Ethernet IP, CAN Bus, Instrumentation.

Immersive Late-Stage Heart Failure Simulation - RJO Group/AstraZeneca, Fall 2005
Designed and developed scriptable engine for the HeartFX interactive experience shown at trade shows and on tour by Astra Zeneca. Show controls, hardware specification and control.

Design Consultant - CM Labs, Inc., Winter 2005
Designed and prototyped training simulators for mobile construction crane operators. Developed complete mechanical design and constructed prototype for a virtual crane, including head tracking, multi-screen graphics, and multi-computer architecture. Developed bill of materials, identified suppliers, analyzed manufacturability, and constructed production units at a fraction of the budgeted cost. Integrated instrumentation hardware and physics simulation software.

Software Technology Consulting - IDEO, Inc., Winter 2004
Worked with award-winning industrial design firm to insure that the mobile phone creative design that client was commissioned to deliver was realizable. Analyzed platform limitations and strengths. Recommended areas and features that would most highly leverage platform strengths and achieve client goals.

Bubble Display Device - Craniac Entertainment, Fall 2000
Prototype hardware and software for a new display device that uses bubbles floating up in a tank of water to display images.

Terminator 2:3D - Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan, Summer 2000
Controls Engineer for installation of Terminator 2:3D at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. Supervised integration of computer controls systems for all special effects with the central control system. Worked with vendors on all aspects of show control hardware and software, including Allen-Bradley PLC's, Anitech MP4000, robot animation scripts, failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), and fail-safe design.

Vertical Reality 2 - Sega Gameworks, Summer 1998
Concept and design work on a 3D action game for Sega Gameworks' location-based Vertical Reality hardware platform described below.

Night Raptor - Sega Gameworks, Summer 1997
Produced, designed game features, and programmed software for a feasibility study of this 3D-sound-intensive, motion-base ride/game hybrid based on Jurassic Park.

Vertical Reality - Sega Gameworks, Winter 1997
Designed and programmed Vertical Reality, a 5-computer, location-based arcade game from concept to public opening in four months. The platform provides three-channel sound, a large-screen video array (9' wide x 24' tall overall), and motion feedback for up to four simultaneous players. Vertical Reality is the centerpiece game of all Gameworks centers. The first site opened on time in Seattle in March, 1997. Architected and developed show control software to communicate with the Allen Bradley controllers running the hardware.

Virtual Reality System - Craniac Entertainment, Spring 1991-Winter 1991
Designed and fabricated prototype for a virtual reality display system, including articulated-arm head tracker, head-mounted display, shaft encoders, and optics. Designed and developed simple flight simulator software to demonstrate the hardware, including head-tracking independent from cockpit and 3D rendering library.