Chuck's Adventures in Japan

Well you found it! It's not fancy, but this is a travelogue I put together during my time with Universal Studios helping build their theme park in Osaka, Japan. I hope you enjoy it. A lot of friends got a kick out of it while I was there...

Oh, and 'sorry about the abrupt end. I kept thinking that I would do a concluding entry, but it's been several months now and I still haven't done so. I guess the reality is that maybe I never will. We'll see...


Wednesday, April 19 - A Room With a View
Friday, April 21 - Den-Den Town
Tuesday, June 20 - Japanese Oddness In and Around the Ritz
Thursday, June 22 - More In and Around the Ritz
Thursday, July 6 - Lots of Local Stuff
Sunday, July 9 - Kobe's Mt. Rokko Cable Car
Saturday, July 15 - Kyoto's Gion Matsuri Festival
Sunday, July 16 - Nara and Todai-ji Temple
Monday, July 24 - Local Stuff and Kyoto
Sunday, August 6 - (Blurry)Kimono at the Fireworks Festivals
Sunday, August 13 - Expedition to Hikone
Friday, September 14 - A Few Video Games
Sunday, September 16 - Osaka Aquarium


Saturday, April 8 - On the Plane
Sunday, April 9 - Osaka
Monday, April 10 - Adventures in Mass Transit / First Day on the Site
Saturday, April 15 - One Week Survived
Wednesday, May 3 - Osaka -> Austin -> Los Angeles -> Osaka
Thursday, May 11 - Getting Settled
Tuesday, May 23 - The Beat Goes On
Monday, May 29 - Oddness, or Little Differences
Sunday, June 11 - Running Out of Titles
Thursday, June 15 - Adventures in Snack Foods
Saturday, June 24 - At Last! The Camera is Here!
Saturday, July 15 - Yes, I'm Still Here
Sunday, July 16 - Kyoto's Gion Matsuri Festival and Another Trip to Nara
Monday, July 24 - It's Certainly Not a Dry Heat!
Sunday, August 6 - Fireworks Galore
Sunday, September 16 - It's About Time For an Update!